Safer Witnesses Act (Bill C-51)

Elizabeth May: Mr. Speaker, as this is not a discussion on Bill C-51 but on yet another time allocation, I have been doing research.

I cannot find any time in the history of the Parliament of Canada when time allocation was used as it was this week, twice in one day. The government is setting a new record, not only for time allocation in general but for the number of times in one week that time allocation has been used on bills in the history of the Parliament of Canada.

I wonder if that is a record of which the hon. minister is proud.

Hon. Vic Toews: Mr. Speaker, let us talk about this specific bill, because that is the one I am focused on.

The people of Canada expect that I will justify why this process is being utilized in this particular case. I have commented very clearly about why it is justified in this case, noting that there has been vigorous debate over no amendments for a long period of time. This bill has been brought forward in committee, and it has resulted in absolutely no amendments.

I know the member for Saanich—Gulf Islands is concerned that as an independent member she does not get enough time to speak from time to time. I dispute that. I think the government has brought more to the floor for independence than any government has.

Be that as it may, why would that member want to see a debate over nothing prolonged, knowing that it will have an impact on her future ability to speak in this House?