Speak Out during World Environment Week

World Environment Week spans June 4th to June 8th, with June 5th being Environment Day.

“This is a critical time in Canada.  Our environment is at serious risk of irreparable harm due to the gutting of environmental legislation contained in Bill C-38, which is being forced through Parliament.  If there were ever a time for the average citizen to sit up, take notice, and speak out, now is it,” said Green Leader Elizabeth May.
The Green Party of Canada has set up a dedicated website to educate Canadians about the damage being wrought by the omnibus bill, which the Greens have nicknamed ‘the Environmental Devastation Act.’
“The environment is not an abstract concept.  It is our home.  And sitting idly by while this legislation is being forced upon us is like watching TV while robbers invade your house,” said May.

Green point out that C-38 will forever change Canada’s natural environment with devastating effects on our future, and that of our children.

Citizens are invited to write a letter to their Member of Parliament, to their newspaper editor, and to sign a petition on the website: http://www.budgetdevastation.ca.

The Top 5 Reasons why C-38 will devastate Canada’s environment

  1. It repeals the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act and introduces a weaker version, without a single day of hearings before the environment committee.
  2. It removes protection of endangered species and their habitat, when approving pipeline projects, by amending the Species at Risk Act and the Navigable Waters Protection Act.
  3. It guts the Fisheries Act by removing provisions for habitat protection.
  4. It repeals the Kyoto Protocol Implementation Act.
  5. It eliminates the National Round Table on Environment and Economy.