Town Hall Meeting

Publication Source: The Island Tides
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Author: Staff

MP Elizabeth May came to Saturna Island to meet with her constituents on September 7. Arriving on the 10:20am ferry she met with Islanders from 11am-5pm at the Saturna Café and then held a Town Hall meeting from 6-7:30pm, before departing on the 11:05pm boat. I mention her mode of travel and long hours to emphasize the priority she places on actually conversing with the people she represents. This is the fourth time since she was elected, in May 2011, that she has visited Saturna to help us celebrate or to hear constituents’ concerns.

Considering the number of votes we represent and the amount of interest we attracted from the Conservative Party when they held the riding, this is a departure from how we have experienced federal politics. About 65 people turned out to listen to MP May’s update on her experience in Parliament since she addressed us last winter.

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