Winter 2014 Town Hall Videos

Summer 2013 Town HallsIn January 2014, Elizabeth May conducted a series of nine town halls in her riding of Saanich-Gulf Islands.

Elizabeth loves the opportunity to meet consistuents, give them an update on the previous Parliamentary session and respond to any questions the town hall participants might have. Over 1,300 individuals were able to participate and listen to her candid responses.

Didn’t have a chance to attend any of the town halls? Don’t live in the riding? Over 70 videos were taken and are linked below.

The next series of town halls will occur in September 2014. Be sure to sign up to Elizabeth’s eNewsletter (on the right-hand side of your screen) to find out when they’re happening as they are booked!

Saanich Town Hall
January 20, 2014
Bill C-442 and Lyme Disease
Can we Have a Coalition Government?
Canada Post
Canada’s Emission Targets
Canada’s Parliament from a Global Perspective
Canadian Peacekeeping in the 21st Century
Democracy Resources and Regulating Fisheries
Foreign Workers Program
Industrialization of Hemp
Joint Review Panel
Kinder-Morgan Pipeline
Monetary Policy
Nuclear Proliferation
Nuclear Weapons and DFO Libraries
Previous Session of Parliament
Privacy Concerns
Reforming the Senate
Replacing First Past the Post
Support for Canada’s Veterans
Victoria Sewage Treatment
Votes Required to Pass Legislation
Saturna Island Town Hall
January 21, 2014
Salt Spring Island Town Hall
January 22, 2014
Elizabeth’s Upcoming Book
Fulford Harbour Postal Outlet
Investigation of the Senate Scandal
Northern Gateway Pipeline
Party Cooperation
Previous Session of Parliament
Refineries in Alberta
Renaming Fish Farms
Should Canada Move to a Two-Party System
Youth Engagement
Sidney Town Hall
January 23, 2014
Jobs Training Program
National Climate Adaptation Strategy
Non-Partisan News Service
Political Cooperation
Previous Session of Parliament
Seasonal Workers
More Coming Soon…
Pender Island Town Hall
January 24, 2014
Coming Soon…