I want to engage Canadians, and need your help to ensure we are heard in the House of Commons.  By taking advantage of a Member of Parliament’s privilege to table petitions on issues that Canadians care about. I can table a petition or two every single day that Parliament is in session, which is roughly 140 to 280 petitions a year!

What is a Petition?

A petition is a formal request to an authority for redress of a grievance. Public petitions, addressed to the House of Commons and presented to the House by its Members, constitute one of the most direct means of communication between the people and Parliament. Petitions today may be described as a vehicle for political input, a way of attempting to influence policy-making and legislation and also, judging by their continued popularity, a valued means of bringing public concerns to the attention of Parliament. Petitions also have their place among the tools which Members and Ministers can use to formulate public policy and to carry out their representative duties.

There Are Two Types of Petitions:


Paper Petitions

  • Can be shared electronically, by email or on social media
  • Stay open for 120 days
  • Require 5 sponsors and 500 signatures
  • Can be signed at events or passed around the community
  • Can be certified and then tabled as soon as we receive them
  • Require 25 signatures

To sign or create

an e-petition

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To sign or create

a paper petition

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Green Caucus petitions open for signature

Government Responses to Petitions

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Constituency Office

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Phone: 250-657-2000
Fax: 250-657-2004


Parliament Hill Office

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House of Commons
Ottawa, ON  K1A 0A6

Phone: 613-996-1119
Fax: 613-996-0850


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