Discussed Topics: Ukraine

Elizabeth May : Mr. Chair, I thank my colleague, the hon. member for Louis-Saint-Laurent, for her very clear, emotional, honest and very upright speech, as always.

I will add just one question. In Canada, we have a democracy that is very dear to us. Democracy is sometimes a rather delicate thing for Canadians, but it is more stable than it is for our friends, brothers and sisters in Ukraine.

What does she think we, as Canadians, can do to clearly show our solidarity with their efforts and their cause for democracy and peace?

Alexandrine Latendresse: Mr. Chair, I thank my colleague, the leader of the Green Party and member for Saanich—Gulf Islands, for her question. She touched on a very important point, which is what Canadians can do.

Something that has been brought up frequently tonight is that there is a large number of people in this country of Ukrainian descent. Every time I visited Ukraine I could see that Ukrainians were aware of that. When you tell them that you are Canadian, it is special, because almost all Ukrainians have an uncle or aunt or another family member who lives in Canada. Many Ukrainians have very strong ties to Canada.

Earlier I heard members talking about social media. What we can do is very simple. We can send them messages of support, to show them that Canadians are behind them. That will give them hope and the strength to continue in their fight for democracy and freedom.