Good Sunday Morning – August 20

Good Sunday Morning,

My good news is that I have completed my Ottawa tasks without doing myself any damage!  John and I head towards BC on Wednesday morning on VIA rail… in a time of such uncertainty and anxiety due to the wildfires.

Dear Green friends from NWT – William Gagnon, Courtney Howard and others have been in touch. One Yellowknife friend and her dogs are heading to Vancouver to John’s family home for refuge there. Also exchanging notes with dear Claire Martin who now lives in Vernon where the outdoor smoke is setting off smoke alarms in their home. Everyone stay safe.

Here is the link to the website for my  press conference on foreign interference and wildfires: 

I did get through my top secret clearance and reviewed what I was allowed to see on the foreign interference file but honestly, I could not do much with what I saw. I hope to hear from Privy Council Office officials that I will be allowed to read the actual documents David Johnston read.  Without them I really see no point in offering us Top Secret security clearance. To keep this brief, have a look at this article.  

One thing I have noticed does not get mentioned in the news coverage is the important difference in the way the territorial governments of NWT and Nunavut are organized.  There are no political parties there.  They operate as Consensus governments. A little known area of Newfoundland and Labrador, Nunatsiavut, is also consensus based. I wish we could move to consensus everywhere.

A very brief note this morning.  I enjoyed church at my old Ottawa parish, St. Bartholomews. Everyone is praying for everyone threatened.. which is everyone and everywhere.

Until next week,
much love,

Saanich-Gulf Islands Greens