Green parliamentarians from around the world call for ‎climate treaty that works

(OTTAWA) December 9, 2015 – Green MPs meeting on the morning of December 9th (Paris time) reviewed the state of play in current negotiations.

“It is clear that the collective commitments from all nations here amount to an enormous gap between what is required and what is promised,” said Elizabeth May, MP and leader of Canadian Greens.

Green MPs are very engaged in these negotiations with a number serving as Ministers within governments in the thick of the negotiations. The Global Greens meeting included elected Greens from New Zealand, ‎Australia, France, Germany, Finland, Belgium, Austria, Congo, Sweden, Denmark and the European Parliament, as well as party representatives from Korea, Indonesia and the United States.

“We are united in the call for 1.5 degrees global average temperature increase, decarbonizing our economies by 2050, an end to coal as rapidly as possible and real commitment to the developing world’s ‎call for ‘loss and damage,” added May.

“We have a long way to go,” noted Claire Martin, Climate Change Critic for Green Party of Canada. “Even a strong treaty from Paris merely sets the stage for a re-doubling of efforts to kick our fossil fuel addiction.”