Harper not above the law…. Not on Wheat Board or Global Climate Law

The Green Party of Canada was pleased today with the ruling of Federal Court Judge Douglas Campbell that the Harper government violated legislation in its efforts to rush through the killing of the Wheat Board. The Canadian Wheat Board Act requires a vote among farmers and better consultation before the monopoly could be ended.  “The Harper government would like to ram through its agenda without proper consultation with citizens and without proper debate in the House,” said Green Leader Elizabeth May, MP for Saanich-Gulf Islands.  “At least the courts are protecting the interests of the country, but one hopes we don’t have to become a more litigious society to protect Canadian values.”

“We are seeing Mr. Harper again flouting domestic law with his plan to pull out of Kyoto.  Eventually, accountability will catch up with him, hopefully before he has gutted all of Canada’s laws and our international reputation.”