Idle No More: “The Time for Dialogue is Now, Not After a Tragedy”

In the wake of a second hunger strike by Cross Lake First Nation Elder Raymond Robinson, the Green Party of Canada calls on Primer Minister Harper to engage in a dialogue with all First Nations chiefs and agree to a treaty implementation process.

“I know from personal experience how weak one becomes after weeks without food, but I was never without liquids.   Elder Robinson has not consumed liquids since April 3rd, which means he is entering a critically dangerous period now. I am very concerned for his life,” said Green Leader Elizabeth May, Member of Parliament for Saanich-Gulf Islands.

“Prime Minister Harper needs to promptly send a signal he is genuinely committed to First Nations issues. The time for dialogue is now, not after a tragedy has happened,” said May.

“Apart from changing the name sign on the Minister’s door, what has Stephen Harper done since Theresa Spence put an end to her hunger strike more than two months ago?” asked May.

“Elder Robinson is calling for the highest of interventions. The Prime Minister must come out of hiding on this issue. He was meeting with Panda bears. He can certainly find the time to address human rights violations in Canada and meet with the Chiefs to plan a way forward. The dire living conditions on First Nations are inexcusable. Elder Robinson is making a reasonable request,” said Lorraine Rekmans, Aboriginal Affairs Critic for the Green Party of Canada.