Opposition Motion – Federal Infrastructure Plan

Elizabeth May: Mr. Speaker, let me just set aside for anyone puzzled by the notion that members of the opposition would support infrastructure funding, but find themselves unable to vote for it when it is bundled together with measures that slash employment insurance accessibility, remove environmental regulations and make other moves in one total budget.

However, I am grateful and glad the current Conservative Privy Council made the gas tax money permanent. The Federation of Canadian Municipalities recognizes that, but it also recognizes that the infrastructure deficit is in the tens of billions. The amount of money currently put to use for that purpose is wholly inadequate to protect lives, keep bridges up and deal with the increasing threat of climate events that will wash out our culverts, wash out our roadways and create new threats to our infrastructure, particularly our waterworks.

Would my colleague reconsider his opposition to this motion?

Joe Daniel: Mr. Speaker, the simple answer is no. I will not change my mind on this resolution.

It would be interesting to find out why my colleague over the way actually has voted against the green proposals that have been out there and why she has not supported some of these infrastructures issues as well.