Elizabeth May and Bruce Hyer announce 60 amendments to Bill C-51

On Monday, March 30th, 2015 in Press Releases

OTTAWA – Elizabeth May, Green Party Leader and Member of Parliament for Saanich – Gulf Islands, along with Deputy Leader Bruce Hyer, Member of Parliament for Thunder Bay – Superior North, announced their amendments to Bill C-51 at a press conference this morning. Ms. May and Mr. Hyer, who have been vocal critics, will table 60 amendments during clause-by- clause consideration of the bill.

“While there is no way to fix this deeply flawed bill, our duty as elected legislators compels us to protect Canadians from its most egregious faults,” said Ms. May. “Our amendments seek to protect Canadian’s Charter rights and make this country safer by eliminating the reckless and dangerous Conservative policies in C-51.”

The Green Party proposed amendments to each of the 5 parts of the omnibus terror bill. Part 1 would create an information sharing act that would allow almost every government department to share private information about citizens with virtually no restrictions.

“I was shocked that the Privacy Commissioner of Canada was not invited to testify at Committee,” said Ms. May. “There’s a reason: he is deeply concerned that this bill will trample on Canadian’s privacy rights. Our amendments are guided by those concerns.”

Part 2 would expand the no-fly list in Canada. It has been widely criticized as having been drafted without appropriate consultation with the airline industry.

“I greatly question the need to expand Canada’s no-fly list,” said Mr. Hyer. “C-51 creates a dangerous scenario with a complete lack of due process and the ability for Canadian officials to share the information on the list with virtually no caveats.
“Remember, this list catches people deemed too dangerous to fly but too harmless to arrest. The money spent on these pre-screening systems would be better spent on investigative or emergency response measures.”

Parts 3 and 4 would introduce broad new criminal code offences for ‘promoting terrorism’ and radically transform CSIS, providing new police powers to the agency which was designed to only collect domestic intelligence.

“C-51 will chill free speech,” said Ms. May. “It would make those involved in de-radicalizing efforts fearful of prosecution which would serve to further isolate – and thus make more dangerous – those individuals prone to committing ideologically driven acts of violence.

“By providing CSIS with disruption abilities, we take an agency that we know to overstep its existing powers, and equip it with a mandate to operate like a secret police. The weak changes the Harper administration announced last week are nowhere near sufficient to satisfy the bill’s many critics. The single best solution to C-51 remains scrapping it completely.”

While Ms. May was a regular attendee of committee hearings during its study of Bill C-51, Conservative MPs blocked her every attempt to ask a single question. Although any MP has a right to sit at committee, participation is at the discretion of the Chair. During these hearings, the Chair chose to put Ms. May’s requests to the floor for unanimous consent, which was summarily denied by her Conservative colleagues.

The process by which Green MPs submit amendments to committee is one created by PMO to deprive Green MPs from‎ presenting amendments to the House of Commons at Report Stage. Ms. May used this right effectively in opposing Bill C-38 in spring 2012. Since the fall of 2013, due to identical motions passed by Conservatives in every committee, Green amendments are deemed to have been moved at committee. Ms. May and Mr. Hyer will be given time to present each amendment but are not allowed to vote.

Backgrounder on Green Party amendments to Bill C-51

Text of C-51 Amendments

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  • JanetHudgins

    Thank goodness we have Elizabeth in the House to keep a level of sanity and considering the odds it’s remarkable that she is able to do it.

  • samantha

    can we please clone Elizabeth? she is only one, but wow, what achievements she is able to establish despite attempts to block her from doing her job. She must be allowed to debate with the other 3 this time around!

  • Terry

    FINALLY a politician who proposes answers instead of attacking the other parties !! Elizabeth …. May you win!!!!!!

  • Don Ross

    Not hard to figure out why Harper is scared to ever debate with Elizabeth May…….he is so far out of her league that he would be demolished by her in a fair and open debate.

  • Jeffee

    Nobody who tells the truth has been PM in a long, long time….:(

  • Susanne

    Not allowed to Vote? Do not people realise we are no longer in a democracy

  • https://soundcloud.com/potentialforaction hotboxedigloo

    good to see someone elected doing something about this

  • Gail Martin

    It took lots of late night hours I’m sure, to hammer out all the blatant affronts to Canadian constitutional rights in this latest and most dangerous bill. Thank you, Elizabeth for your determination and bravery in standing up to the tyrant in our midst. Every last Canadian should be supporting you in your efforts to expose and overthrow the treasonous actions coming from HQ Ottawa.

    • http://ramgbs.wordpress.com ramgbs

      get rid of it Bob Martin

      • http://ramgbs.wordpress.com ramgbs

        a bit more but not about c51 but very important for all Canadianshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eDJxnG__4IU

  • Douglas Connors

    Liberals had 10 amendments…

    The Greens have 60.

    Which party was more thorough in defending the interests of Canadian citizens?

  • mdouble

    Congratulations to Elizabeth and Bruce for the diligent work in taming a bill which is as drafted simply horrendous both in principle and in fact. The best hope we have is that the Conservatives will be defeated and the new government will be able then to counteract the implications of such legislation having passed into law, even modified.

    I should note further that national security is better served by less Draconian measures. Provocative, aggressive foreign policies create more potential for insecurities in this modern age. Foreign nationals, or those sympathetic to specific causes or ideologies can be easily radicalized when governments are seen to violate their, or what might be described as the principle of sovereignty.

    As a peace loving nation Canada should do all it can to foster and enlarge the very principles of peace, everywhere.

  • http://ramgbs.wordpress.com ramgbs

    get rid of it and start over if it is even needed…??? Bob Martin

  • Cathie Reid

    I have so much admiration for the work that Elizabeth May, Bruce Hyer and the Green Party are doing to protect the rights of their constituents (and those of all Canadians!) despite the deficient political paradigm they are forced to operate in.

  • Kate Dewey

    Thank you Elizabeth! As ever the voice of intelligent evaluation of the Harper govt’s
    eternal moronic knee-jerk policies and efforts to silence any opposing views. Citizenship is under attack and we must challenge such chilling attempts to create fear amongst us and erosion of our rights.

  • Winter Hawk

    Kudo’s To You Liz!~ WH

  • Lisa

    THANK YOU!!!!

  • CDP

    Keep it up Elizabeth! You are the best defence Canadians have against this police state bill. Insist on Civilian Oversight despite what Harper’s cronies say; insist in Parliament that it breaches the Canadian Charter of Rights. Insist that the Liberals vote against the Bill and stand up like the NDP and Green Parties for Canadian Charter Rights. Trudeau should be ashamed to take a ‘sit on the fence’ position when it is partly because of P.E. Trudeau we even have Charter Rights to protect our democratic freedoms!

  • locust

    Ms May is that rare combination in a politician – wisdom as well as insight. Such intelligence should not be wasted. Hey Don Ross, your comment rocked!

  • Al Beau

    Why can we just forget c-51 all togetter…. There is already to many laws running around. Take care of the corruption first. jailling some of our illigal reprentetive….

  • Elize

    I am a Canadian living in the US. I was horrified to read about Harper’s bill. I hope that more Canadians understand the profundity of the invasion of privacy that our governments actualize and thereby support Elizabeth in her efforts to prevent Canada from going the way of England and the US. Living in the states now feels like the government is not for or of the people but clearly against the people. These laws assume its citizens are criminals and then make criminals out of everyday people way too easily!

  • Karen Evans

    I hope you get heard, Elizabeth. I know it is difficult under the current regime to have a voice or even be listened to. This is a very thoughtful and balanced piece. Thank you.

  • Justin

    This bill is the one pathetically feeble tool we might have to stop radical Islam (and other freedom loathers) and everyone is freaking out for no reason. Hugs and moronic number stickers don’t influence radicals of any walk that hate western values. GO Harper. Go bill C-51

    • Rule of Law

      Have you no respect for the Rule of Law? Just because Harper is PM does not give him the right to abandon the Rule of Law and the Right to Due Process. We have laws in place to catch wrong-doers already.

  • Charles Aulds

    I love the pragmatic way Elizabeth May approaches these issues; knowing
    she can’t possibly win; she resolves to do no less than she is capable
    of doing, and while some may see that as “tilting at windmills,” I say,
    rather, that is the attitude every one of us should take, every day, and
    in every aspect of our lives.

    In other words, she leads by example; as all true leaders do.

  • Margo Jamieson

    Why is this woman not being allowed to speak. Democracy? Not any more.

  • Douglas Jack

    BRAVERY: Elizabeth is the only member of 308 in the Canadian House of Commons who voted against the illegal Canadian bombing of Libya as well as a whole range of other illegal murder. Finance-Media-Education-Military-Industrial-Legislative-Complex oligarchs have a schedule outlined in the Oded-Yinon plan of Israel & US/Canada/5-eyes Project for A New American Century PNAC aka New World Order NWO. The financing, arming, supply & bringing to power of alCIAda, ISIS & Boko-Haram through their arming by Israel, US & Canadian arms merchants with destabilization & bombing destruction against all Muslim countries is carefully laid out in these plans country-by-country according to the schedule we believed was “news”.
    Mohandas Gandhi developed ‘Satyagraha’ (Hindi ‘truth-search’ based upon the simultaneous inquiry with both parties to dispute & in research asking “What are your best intentions & how can we help you fulfill these?”. Gandhi, “I can imagine a fully armed man to be at heart a coward. Possession of arms implies an element of fear, if not cowardice. But true non-violence is an impossibility without the possession of unadulterated fearlessness.” Humanity’s worldwide indigenous ancestors cultivated a full range of Council processes at all levels of society. Socrates founded academia on the basis of ‘Dialectic’ (‘to read from both sides’) Rights for all to engage their fellows in formal organized, scheduled equal-time ‘debate’ (French ‘de’ = ‘undo’ + ‘bate’ = ‘the-fight’).
    We need transparency in all levels of human interaction including the military, government, education, business listening to both sides. All of us should be standing up for the right to both-sides, equal-time, recorded & published debates. If anything will expose those individual & state actors with murder in their hearts, it is the opportunity to media publicized debate with their fellows for the truths which they believe to be self-evident. They often don’t realize how loving, kind & powerful is the court of public opinion. https://sites.google.com/site/indigenecommunity/structure/both-sides-now-equal-time-recorded-dialogues Sending boys to murder for foreign government destabilization, resources & our war industry is shameful.

  • ReasonableCanadian

    That is awesome. Way to go Ms. May! Wonderful work!

  • worrywart

    Thanks you Green Party and especially May, someone has to stand up and say STOP to the horror being perpetrated on this once lovely country by Harper and his wannabe tea party nut cases …. thanks. Luv ya M. Knisely

  • AMH4

    Elizabeth May and Tom Mulcair – Harper must just hate having to be in the same room as these two! Their intelligence and knowledge are simply amazing and demonstrate their caring for the Canadian people!
    Elizabeth’s demonstration of such diligent work in picking apart this bill is wonderful. Her intelligent summary of the dangers of this bill is amazing!
    Having just read the comments made by Tom Mulcair in his Parliamentary address with regards to Harper’s decision to lead Canada to war, I’m so impressed by his clear, knowledgeable and thoughtful words.

  • Karen Amirault

    Crown this Elizabeth Queen.

  • christopher

    I was tortured by CSIS, the police, the media and the provincial and federal government for over 30 years. I was tortured through witchcraft and mind control and electric shock treatment. I had a nervous breakdown in 1989 and 1991. I was locked up in solidary confinement and given injections against my will in mental health. I took the hospital to medical review board hearing and discharged and then homeless. I had no money, no food, no shelter, no friends and no job and no family
    at that time. I was totally alone with the police harassing me and staying at homeless shelters. I had brain damage from the enhance interrogation techniques
    used against me. I was confused and put on medication for almost 26 years. I live
    in 2 racist violent unstable group homes in which I was in fear for my public safety.
    2 patients committed suicide in the group home and mental health got me out of their. I was discriminated against in education, housing, employment, customer services and government services for 40 years. I never had a good paying job in my whole life. All I got is minimum wage part time. I studied computer science, criminology and sociology at the community college and university. I have no criminal record or no history of drug abuse. CSIS wanted me assassinated. I was
    threatened by Canadians because I am a visible minority and CSIS. My brother is
    dead as well as my best friend. I had throat surgery and open heart surgery.
    I cannot work anymore. Today I live with my mother and now I have to move out.
    I have no money, no friends and no job to support myself. I do not know how I am
    going to live. I am on long term disability but the money is not enough to live off on my own. I have been on welfare for over 30 years or had no money to live off
    at all. I want a public inquiry and financial compensation. I received an email in 2012 from the former Right Honorable Vic Toews, Minister of Public Safety in June. I filed a complaint with the Security Intelligence Review Committee and the
    Canadian Human Rights Commission and both told me to get lost. The ignored
    my request especially the CHRC. Peter Julian MP for Burnaby-New Westiminster
    came to my apartment in November of 2009 asking if I was going to vote for him.
    I met Jack Layton in 2005 in Burnaby and taking about a public inquiry when he introduced himself to me. I want justice.

  • Actions Matter

    We need more voices like those of Elizabeth May and Bruce Hyer to provide sanity and reason to parliamentary discussions. Thank you for your excellent work. I agree wholeheartedly that we need to keep the pressure on the federal Liberals to vote against this very dangerous and poorly constructed legislation.

  • Rod

    Totally support Elizabeth May and Bruce Hyer on this issue.

  • A. D. Wells

    Thank you for your work, Elizabeth and Bruce.
    Her point about CSIS not having to share information with other federal and civic police is critical. This lack of sharing information is the same deficit that caused many of BC’s missing women to continue to be murdered; Vancouver Police and the RCMP were not sharing what t hey knew and so the murderer was not caught as soon as he could have been.
    Don’;t want to give my name online for fear of one of our forces taking offence and thinking I’m a radical. They all scare me.
    Scaredy Cat

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