Bill C-442 – National Lyme Disease Strategy Act

On Thursday, June 21st, 2012 in Private Members Bills

Elizabeth May, seconded by the member for Etobicoke North, moved for leave to introduce Bill C-442, An Act respecting a National Lyme Disease Strategy.

She said: Mr. Speaker, it is my great honour to rise today to present this private member’s bill, for which I hope there will be support from all sides of the House. This is the ultimate in non-partisan issues. This is the ultimate in non-geographically limited issues. We are, in each of our ridings, facing an increasing threat to our constituents and their families from a very tiny threat, a little tick that is spreading and can bring debilitating illness to any one of us at any time.

I dedicate tabling this bill today to a very brave young woman who was with me earlier today at a press conference, Nicole Bottles. She was diagnosed in high school and is in a wheelchair waiting for her cure. I want to thank the Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation. I urge all members of the House to join me in working toward a national Lyme disease strategy.

(Motions deemed adopted, bill read the first time and printed)

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  • Kathleen Tudor

    Excellent. Badly needed. Kathleen Tudor

  • Diane Dillon

    Dear Elizabeth
    thank you for this I would like the opportunity to speak to other issues I feel you may be helpful with. Please contact me at Message phone 250-893-1908 this is somewhat urgent DIANE i will fax you items Please send your fax

  • Sharon

    Thank you Miss May. A week after walking through the woods just north of Peterborough, Ontario, I acquired three bulls-eye rashes on my shins and began getting sick. Luckily I (finally, after eight months ), changed my doctor. My new doctor found someone who could treat me. This was just months before the harassment and eradication of licenses of doctors who tried to treat Lyme. There are many, many people who are not so lucky. They have nowhere in their own country to turn to for help . Why do we have to go to the US for help?

  • Pashta MaryMoon

    I totally support Elizabeth May’s bill on Lyme disease. I hope that similar bills will be considered for M.E. (myalgic encephalomyelitis)/Chronic Fatigue Immune Deficiency Syndrome — a disease that is growing in epidemic proportions. I am delighted the the new M.E./CFIDS/Fibromyalgia/Lyme clinic (at the Women’s hospital in Vancouver) has finally opened — but we need both centres and trained specialists in every city.

  • Paulette

    Good for you. Many people are never diagnosed here in Canada. My mother-in-law took a walk in the woods with me years ago. She never saw a tick but by the time she got home (a bus and ferry ride of about 8 hours) she was sick and aching and had an Immediate arthritic like reaction. Her doctor put her on antibiotics – without testing. Apparently it was enough – but the experience woke me up!

  • A Somerscott

    I understand that there is a vaccination available at the travellers clinics that might be effective for lyme disease ie like Japanese B Encephalitis or Tickborne Encephelitis. A Somerscott Edmonton

  • Sandra Moir

    My husband was treated for tick bites several years ago with massive doses of.antibiotics with which he doesn’t tolerate and from my knowledge, not only represses the condition, but weakens the whole immune system. People are told that they must be on antibiotics for several years with no guarantees of curing the condition.
    Pharma/Medi “Care” does nothing more than make pharmaceutical companies richer. They are not interested in “Cures.”

    There are homeopathic remedies that actually help, as well as “health awareness.” He has experienced an improvement with the homeopathic remedy,


  • I Schmidt

    Two years ago, my husband died from Lyme-induced ALS.
    If he had had treatment for his insect bite as soon as he went to see the doctor, he would have been alive today.
    Everything in the medical world was too late, too late. The Lyme bacteria needs to be treated immediately.

  • Wendy

    Lyme Disease is real and ticks do not observe borders. Canada’s health care system has its collective head in the sand on this issue.

  • Elizabeth

    Canada needs Bill C-442…for all of those whom are suffering in silence to those whom will be exposed. The medical community must protect US and NOT the pharmaceutical companies who make money selling drugs to treat the many symptoms. Symptomatic people will buy and use anti-inflammatories and so on at the risk of liver and stomach damage when there is a cure out there. The USA has a cure…why can’t we.

  • disqus_D5ccr4Syvx

    I do not have Lyme Disease nor do I know anyone who has had it. However, I have loved ones and I’m very concerned about this threat to they’re health and my own. I’m also concerned about the impact this will have on our health care system. Lyme isn’t something you just pick up out in the country. Tic’s carrying this disease may be in our very own back yards. It is amazing to me that it’s taken this long to get this on the table but lets not loose the opportunity to get this important bill passed. Thank you once again Elizabeth May.

  • Cheyenne Glasford

    I wish this was as simple as passing a Bill and all would be Good, this may not be Ebola but it IS in Our Backyards, parks, fields, play areas and it is moving faster than everyone predicted.No one even suspected these ticks are being carried by migrating Birds to all parts of our country. While visiting in the Odessa, Brighton areas not only have my dog, my Mothers Dog, my Daughters dog, my Sisters Dogs all had multiple TICKS, but just raking the yard my Husband had two embedded in his body, one in his shoulder area and in his Hip. The dogs all got immediate care just in case, but my husbands tick was sent away to be checked. As this was unacceptable to us as I had read on-line about the ramifications of untreated Lyme infections, I tried to educate myself so we immediately started a Holistic treatment followed by Antibiotics and so far so good. But we Need to have a Plan in place to avoid the many wasted and ruined lives if Infected by this Disease…Cheyenne Glasford..Mississauga, Ontario

  • Denise

    I have Chronic Lyme and the center for disease doesn’t recognize my positive result from IGenX in California. It’s costing my husband (us) a LOT of money for private therapy and Chinese Medicine treatment. He works around 70 hours per week to keep me alive and the household going.
    I start the final stage soon and will get sicker before I get better.

    Thank you Ms. May. I hope no one suffers and treatment (traditional or non-traditional) will become more affordable and accessible. Start with DOCTOR EDUCATION!

    A fund needs to be set up to help those suffering, not just for research. We lost our home and everything when the insurance companies denied my claim. Don’t let others become homeless over Lyme.

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