10 years after the Lac-Mégantic tragedy, the Green Party remembers

The Green Party of Canada wishes to speak out on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Lac-Mégantic rail tragedy. A decade after the tragedy, the local population continues its healing process. Let’s use this day to reflect on actions and measures to prevent a similar catastrophe from happening again.

“The Lac-Mégantic tragedy must not be forgotten. The country’s rail safety laws and regulations do not adequately protect us from a similar tragedy,” said GPC environment critic Daniel Green. “Furthermore, the bypass proposed by Transport Canada also risks causing environmental damage to the territory, in addition to failing to guarantee an increase in the safety of our railroads.”

“Today, together, we commemorate the 47 victims of this horrible tragedy. I think in particular of their loved ones and those left behind – of their grief and the incredible strength it took to rebuild their lives,” said Deputy Leader Jonathan Pedneault. “The Lac-Mégantic tragedy, like so many others, was predictable. It is the result of the short-sightedness of our governments and our tendency to favour profits and efficiency over the well-being of the people around us and our communities. It is important, on behalf of the victims and all Canadians, that we learn from this tragedy and work to ensure safe communities from coast to coast. This starts with putting expertise and know-how ahead of market imperatives, and prioritizing the right solution over the cheap solution.”

As Coalition des citoyens de Lac-Mégantic spokesman Robert Bellefleur asserts, “It’s more dangerous in 2023 here at Lac-Mégantic than it was in 2013, because we’ve doubled the length of rail convoys.” The Green Party insists that concrete efforts must be made to increase the level of rail safety in the country.

All our thoughts go out to the loved ones of the victims and the survivors of the Lac-Mégantic tragedy.


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