Another Alberta Oil Spill from Company with Dismal Safety Record

Plains Midstream Canada is responsible for yet another oil spill, this time near Red Deer, Alberta.

“Plains Midstream pipelines are located in close proximity to Alberta communities and these reoccurring spills have a devastating effect on residents and the environment. We’ve asked before, knowing the company’s record of major spills, what kind of monitoring and oversight of its activities took place in Canada? Given their record of spill after spill, there should have been more effort to ensure that another community would not have to suffer this devastation,” said May.

Plains Midstream Canada, a division of the Texan company Plains All American, was also responsible for a major 28 000 barrel oil spill near Peace River, Alberta last year.  The parent company has an atrocious record and has had spills amounting to at least 6,510 barrels of crude oil into bodies of water in Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and the Gulf of Mexico.

The latest spill took place on Thursday, June 7th, resulting in approximately 3000 barrels of oil spilling into Jackson Creek and the Red Deer River from a pipeline.

“Plains has a dismal safety record and this latest spill highlights the problematic nature of pipelines,” said Green Leader Elizabeth May, MP for Saanich-Gulf Islands. “The oil is now spreading tens of kilometers downriver, affecting wildlife, plants, and possibly drinking water.  The reality is that these spills leave long-lasting damage that can not be fully mitigated.”