Budget 2018 has no new private programs at all

Elizabeth May

Madam Speaker, it has been difficult for me to get into the debate, but I hope the member for Pickering—Uxbridge can shed some light on why a budget in 2018 has no new private programs at all.

Previous budgets have not been as good in delivering climate action as the one delivered in 2005 by the gentleman who now serves as the Minister of Public Safety. When he was the minister of finance, we saw much better.

Jennifer O’Connell – Pickering-Uxbridge

Madam Speaker, I cannot speak for previous governments and previous budgets, but I can say that we have seen investments in the environment. The government’s commitment to the environment and the economy has been clear.

One example in terms of the environment being woven into this budget across sections is going back to the point about infrastructure. Waste-water systems in my community are a very important piece of environmental protection that I am proud our government is supporting.