Budget 2018 regresses by leaving out energy efficiency programs

Elizabeth May

Mr. Speaker, I have a question for my colleague from Alfred-Pellan. I wish to thank him for his speech.

I am really disappointed that, besides carbon pricing, Bill C-74 does not contain any concrete measures to eliminate and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. However, in the 2005 budget, which was a Liberal budget, there were several measures to combat greenhouse gases and, in particular, to improve energy efficiency. For example, I am thinking of the ecoENERGY program, which helped Canadians take steps to improve the energy efficiency of their homes.

In his opinion, has there been some regression on the part of this government, which is doing nothing for energy efficiency in this budget?

Angelo Iacono Member for Quebec

Mr. Speaker, I thank my colleague opposite for her question.

As a Canadian, I have a great appreciation for the richness of our environment and the beauty of our landscape. I am not the only one. That is why our government adopted the pan-Canadian framework on clean growth and climate change. That is also why we introduced a carbon tax.

We will be implementing more than just the measures in budget 2018. We will continue to make commitments to protect Canada’s nature, parks, and wildlife. We will continue our efforts to protect our oceans with the national oceans protection plan. Our government is determined to create a real legacy for our children and future generations.