Can Elizabeth May Stop the Budget From Passing?

Publication Source: Huffington Post
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Author: Mark Crowley

Once again Green Party Member of Parliament Elizabeth May (I never get tired of hearing that phrase) is threatening to stand up for democracy and parliament when almost no one else will. She is planning to use what parliamentary procedures she can to slow the passage of the budget bill as a protest against the way the Conservatives are ramming it through. Maybe we can hope that this along with other pressure I’m sure the NDP and Liberals are applying will convince the Conservatives that this level of disrespect for the process of parliament is going to cost them too much.

Parliament is meant to be a place of debate about ideas and policy. It is supposed to be slow in order to check government’s power and give the public a chance to react to each piece of legislation, with calls and letters to their MPs, blogs, phone-in shows, letters even heading out on the streets in protest if need be.

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