Canadians will pay for Harper’s approach to environment: former Tory

Publication Source: Postmedia News
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Author: Mike De Souza

Canadians will “pay a price” for Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s imbalanced and mistaken approach on environmental issues, says a former Reform and Conservative party MP.

“I always thought that ‘conserve’ was part of the Conservative mantra, but I might be wrong,” Bob Mills said Thursday at a news conference organized by Green Party leader Elizabeth May. “Stephen Harper puts other priorities, I think, ahead of the environment, and I think that’s a mistake.”

Mills, who served as environment critic for the Conservatives in opposition and later chaired the House of Commons environment committee for the governing party from 2006 to 2008, travelled from Alberta to Ottawa to deliver his criticism, which focused on the government’s decision to do away with an advisory panel known as the National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy.

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