CETA negotiations grind to a halt – for good reason

(OTTAWA) October 21, 2016 – Elizabeth May released the following statement following a breakdown of negotiations regarding the Canada-EU Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA):

“I applaud the Wallonian regional parliament for standing firmly against this bad deal. In its current form, CETA will increase pharmaceutical costs and hurt farmers, manufacturing sectors, and Canadian sovereignty,” said Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party of Canada (MP, Saanich-Gulf Islands).

“The white-washed Investor-State Dispute Settlements (ISDS) in the deal will allow foreign corporations to threaten and punish governments for regulating to protect domestic health, safety and the environment. Trade lawyer Steven Shrybman once correctly described ISDS as ‘fundamentally corrosive to democracy,'” Ms. May said. “CETA brings more of the same rhetoric and allows corporate interests to trump Canadian sovereignty. CETA needs significant amendments or it should be shelved.”

Paul Manly, International Trade Critic, said: “This is good news because this flawed deal contains the same anti-democratic investor-state provisions that have cost Canadian taxpayers millions in payouts to corporations, and has led to a chill on enacting good regulatory policy that protects consumers and the environment.”