With all of the discussion concerning robocalls in recent days, some have asked, “Did these robocalls really happen? Was it well-organized and occur on a large scale?”

Here are several parcels of information to help you draw your own conclusions, including articles, audio recordings of a couple of the calls, and letters of complaints to Elections Canada.


Primary Sources

2008 Robocall into Saanich-Gulf Islands, encouraging electors to vote for NDP candidate Julian West, who had previously withdrawn from the contest.
Letter of complaint from a constituent in Saanich-Gulf Islands to Elections Canada, and their response.
2011 Robocall into Guelph, misdirecting electors to vote in a non-existent poll.
Letter by Elizabeth May, MP to Elections Canada expressing concerns with Canadians from coast to coast receiving bogus calls, misdirecting them to the wrong polling stations.
Request from Elections Canada to Racknine, seeking information on placing robocalling into Guelph.


Opinion Pieces

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