Eliminating peremptory challenges will help create fairer juries for the accused

Elizabeth May

Mr. Speaker, I have concerns about parts of this bill, but I see much in it that is welcome and important.

Does my hon. friend from Bow River not agree that doing away with peremptory challenges would help create fairer juries for the accused? I do not know if he has any thoughts on the Colten Boushie case, but we do need to do better in this country in having juries that are able to fairly assess a criminally accused.

I do not want to comment on a particular case, but clearly this is an important reform.

Martin Shields – Member for Bow River

Mr. Speaker, the member said she would not respond to a specific case, so I will not either.

As with my colleagues in the legal profession, I do believe we have a tremendous legal profession. I trust the process they have used in choosing how it works. They have a tremendous responsibility on their hands. I believe in both the defence and the prosecutor, and the system they have. It should be a process they use, and historically it has worked. I want to leave it there. It is not for me to step into that one.