Elizabeth May and Ontario Greens’ Call for an Independent Review of the Darlington Nuclear Power Plant

(OTTAWA) January 13, 2016 – Today, Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party and MP (Saanich-Gulf Islands) and Mike Schreiner, Leader of the Ontario Green Party, issued a joint statement opposing the Ontario government’s decision to rebuild the first of four nuclear reactors at the Darlington Nuclear Power Plant.

“It’s simply unacceptable that the Ontario government is forging ahead with their plan to rebuild the reactors at Darlington without any public review of costs or alternatives to this decision,” says Schreiner. “It truly is the making of another billion dollar boondoggle at the expense of Ontario taxpayers.”

The Ontario Greens are calling for an independent, public review of rebuilding Ontario’s aging nuclear reactors to assess the costs, possible alternatives, and the need to work with the federal government on a national energy strategy that includes an East-West corridor to import energy at a lower cost from Manitoba and Quebec.

“We certainly don’t need nuclear energy to combat climate change,” said May. “We need a national energy strategy with an enhanced, modernized East-West electricity corridor so Ontario can import lower cost, greener power from Quebec and Manitoba. We also need to amend the Nuclear Liability Act to ensure the industry is liable for damages. As well, we must reverse any decision to place nuclear waste in the Great Lakes watershed.

“The Green Party of Canada supports the Ontario Greens’ demand for an independent public review of the costs associated with nuclear power, as well as research into sustainable alternatives,” concluded May. “We need to make economically rational choices to ensure that we leave a viable and healthy environment for future generations.”