Elizabeth May: Canada needs to examine its double standard in policing and enforcement

Speaker: Ms. May
Time: 14/02/2022 15:09:36
Context: Question

Ms. Elizabeth May (Saanich—Gulf Islands, GP): Mr. Speaker, ironically, two years ago today, the former leader of the official opposition said, “These protestors, these activists, they have the luxury of spending days at a time on a blockade, but they need to check their privilege.”

It seems to me that we have a larger problem in this country of a double standard when it applies to how indigenous protestors are treated by the police and how anti-Black racism protestors are treated.

I ask hon. members and the minister if there is in fact a way to examine the double standard in policing and bring the implicit racism and the way we treat protest to an end?

Hon. Marco Mendicino (Minister of Public Safety, Lib.): Mr. Speaker, of course we always have the expectation that our RCMP and all law enforcement will exercise their duties responsibly in a manner that is respectful and consistent with the charter.

I would point out that over the last number of days law enforcement, including the RCMP, have done an exceptional job. I would like to thank them for ensuring we can get our economy going by reopening the border and allowing Canadians to get back to work.

The only double standard I think we are all worried about here is when the Conservatives are going to finally join with the government and call on the illegal blockade to go home.