Elizabeth May ensures Elena Musikhina’s safety in Canada

Green Party of Canada Leader, Elizabeth May (Saanich-Gulf Islands), was thanked by Ahmed Hussen, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, for her role in saving the lives of Elena Musikhina and her family.

The Green Party of Canada was relieved to learn that Russian scientist, Elena Musikhina, and her family were granted a 2 year temporary visitors permit thus allowing them to eventually apply for permanent residency.

“This was a real team-effort,” said Ms. May. “I want to thank Minister Hussen for his timely intervention, and especially the work of former cabinet minister David Kilgour and his colleagues Ken Fernandez and Oxana Genina for coming to me and my office. The support they provided to Elena and her family in protecting them from the Putin regime will certainly result in a lifetime friendship.”

Without intervention by the Canadian government, Dr. Musikhina and her husband, Mikhail, would have faced jail or much worse if sent back to Russia for having publicly stated that Crimea must belong to Ukraine, and that Russia should not have absorbed the contested region.

Dr. Musikhina is a Russian university professor and researcher who has contributed greatly to the field of environmental protection. This work has pitted her against the financial interests of the Siberian oligarchy.