Elizabeth May in QP: Motion to Limit the Rights of Independents and Small Party MPs

Elizabeth May:Mr. Speaker, my question is for the hon. government House leader.

We all know that in this place in theory all members of Parliament are equal, but sometimes large majority parties will use their power, and I think it is an abuse of power, to reduce the rights of smaller party MPs, such as in the fall, 2013, where every single committee was told to pass a motion to take away the rights of smaller party MPs at report stage.

I am very distressed to find that the same motion is now being asked to be passed in every committee by the Liberal majority.

Will the hon. government House leader please reflect on his letter of mandate and reconsider?

Hon. Dominic LeBlanc: Mr. Speaker, we are following the ruling of your predecessor. As you will know, prior to that ruling, independent MPs could not propose amendments at committees.

We are trying to ensure that members of Parliament from non-recognized parties in this House have an opportunity to play a constructive role in the legislative process at the committee stage, and we are giving MPs from non-recognized parties a bigger role in those committees.