Elizabeth May pays tribute to the two female Palestinian journalists killed by Israeli military

Speaker: Ms. May Time: 14/06/2022 14:00:14 Context: Statements Ms. Elizabeth May (Saanich—Gulf Islands, GP): Madam Speaker, Shireen Abu Aqla. Ghufran Warasneh. Say their names. Women Palestinian journalists killed while doing their jobs: covering what was going on before their eyes. They were killed by the Israeli military and somehow even more shocking, their funerals were attacked by the Israeli military. The pallbearers were blocked as they tried to take them to their place of eternal rest. The Vatican representative in Jerusalem denounced it as brutally violating decades old agreements to hold Jerusalem sacred to the three main theist religions for whom all find spiritual significance in Jerusalem. We must, in this country, say something. We must do something. We call for an independent inquiry into the killing of these two brave, women Palestinian journalists. Canada must step up.