Elizabeth May responds to readers responses

Publication Source: Peninsula News Review
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Author: Elizabeth May

Re: ‘Credible’ key in vision for the future (Letters April 18).

I appreciated the support from letter writer Ion Buicliu in reply to Mike Houle’s criticism of my role as MP. Now that Mr. Houle has written once again, I feel it might help him to know how I have indeed been working as a “collaborative parliamentarian.”

My work in Parliament has been noted by many of my colleagues of all parties as I have worked to improve respect and decorum in the House. Working in non-partisan caucuses I have worked (with others) to establish since my election, I am pleased with progress in developing greater understanding across party lines.

On issues from climate change to human smuggling, I have been forging trans-party alliances. Progress is being made on issues from abolishing interprovincial trade barriers for wine sales to protecting species at risk.

This month’s edition of the national Walrus magazine describes me as “the country’s hardest working politician.”

No doubt it is impossible for any MP to please everyone within their ridings, but I think any fair reading of my efforts will yield a more balanced assessment than that rendered by Mr. Houle.

Elizabeth E. May, MP
Saanich-Gulf Islands

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