Elizabeth: “Members’ Statements” are for the members, shouldn’t be controlled by parties

Mr. Speaker, I rise today on what is called Standing Order 31, and Standing Order 31, as we all know, is also known as members’ statements. The topic of my member’s statement today is members’ statements.

We had a very interesting discussion yesterday at PROC on procedures and House affairs. The theme of the discussion related to question period and to a package of amendments and changes, prepared by members from a number of parties, that we hope will be considered by the House before it adjourns.

One of the things that grabbed our attention yesterday was the question of control of members’ statements by party whips. This 60-second message, now down to 10 seconds, is the moment for members to say what is on their minds and what is happening in their constituencies. We need to end the practice of leaving the allocation of these statements to party whips.