Environment Canada on chopping block, Elizabeth May says

Publication Source: Globe and Mail
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Author: Gloria Galloway

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May says senior sources who would lose their jobs if they went public have told her that the Conservative government is planning to eliminate the federal environment department and merge any remaining functions with Natural Resources Canada. The government categorically denied the suggestion.

Ms. May asked the government about the rumour at the end of the daily Question Period on Tuesday. “If it had not been from credible sources, I would not be putting this question to you,” she told the Commons. “I would like assurances that no such plan is under consideration.”

But if Ms. May was hoping to hear that her sources were mistaken, her fears were not allayed by Prime Minister Stephen Harper. “I would be delighted to meet any of these credible sources and to correct any misinformation that may have been given the honourable member,” was Mr. Harper’s brief reply.

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