Green caucus votes against Conservative motion

October 21, 2020

TORONTO – “The Green Party of Canada will always choose people over politics”, said Green Party Leader Annamie Paul. “Today, that means that we are voting against the motion to create a special committee. We won’t let people in Canada down by indulging in partisan political games when they need us to be focusing on their urgent needs.

“We have entered a second wave of the pandemic, and many people are still falling between the cracks. In a minority Parliament, we need to maintain strong collaboration between all political parties if we are going to deliver necessary support to the people of Canada. In the middle of a pandemic, there is simply no room for the brinkmanship that we have witnessed over the past days.

“Fighting over the formation of this committee was never going to be a good enough reason for a snap election. Liberals need to make themselves available to respond to the reasonable requests and questions of Parliamentarians, and Conservatives need to work collaboratively to design a structure that permits the critical work of Parliament to continue. It is important to strike a special committee. This is so that the parliamentary committees that have been paralysed by opposition parties pushing for a deeper WE probe and Liberal filibustering can get back to work.

“In recent weeks, we have seen a steady decline back into hyper-partisan politics, when cross-party cooperation and collaboration should remain the order of the day. The Green Party of Canada asks Members of Parliament to dial down the rhetoric, so that we can continue working on the critical matters at hand on behalf of people in Canada.”

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