Green Caucus Week in Review 09/28-10/02

Week in Review: September 28 – October 2 (le français suit)

This week saw all three Green MPs in Ottawa to debate Bill C-4 and continue debate on the Speech from the Throne. The Bill passed unanimously in the early morning of Wednesday, Sept 29. Bill C-4 lays the groundwork for the financial aid programs that will replace CERB. With the passing of Bill C-4, the Liberals survived their first confidence vote, allaying some fear of a snap election in the fall.

The night that Bill C-4 passed, Elizabeth was in her seat until about 3:30 am, while Paul and Jenica participated virtually until the end. Restricted attendance in the House meant that only one Green MP could be there at a time. Elizabeth, Paul and Jenica took turns being physically in the House or participating on Zoom from their offices in Ottawa.

Greens had many meaningful interventions this week. Paul gave a heartfelt speech to commemorate Orange Shirt Day on September 30, a day that honours survivors of residential schools. Jenica spoke out against conversion therapy, and the need for funding to save Clinic 554 in New Brunswick. And Elizabeth, commenting on Bill C-4 at 1:30 am, reminded the House that although Canada is struggling during this time, it is not failing. She also mourned the tragic death of Joyce Echaquan at the Joliette Hospital in Quebec.

Fisheries on both coasts were in the spotlight for Greens this week. September 30 marked the day when open-net pen aquaculture should be removed from the ocean, a deadline set by the Cohen Commission of Inquiry into the Decline of Sockeye Salmon in the Fraser River in 2009. Elizabeth condemned the DFO for not acting to remove fish farms from the ocean in time, and Paul stated that true reconciliation with Indigenous peoples cannot be achieved without saving wild salmon. On Thursday night, marking Mi’kmaq Treaty Day in Nova Scotia, Jenica urged the DFO to respect the inherent and collective treaty rights of Mi’kmaq fishers and to immediately convene a discussion table.

This week, Green MPs also addressed the need for a wealth tax. Paul explained that millions of Canadians, including front-line workers in grocery stores, for example, have been struggling financially during the pandemic, while owners of grocery store chains have increased their wealth by billions. Elizabeth cited a wealth tax as a much needed source of revenue for the government to redistribute to those that need it most.

Don’t forget to vote for the new Leader of the Green Party of Canada. Voting ends this Saturday at 3:30 pm Pacific on October 3.


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