Green Party celebrates Car Free Day

September 22 is World Car Free Day, a day for everyone to try out daily life  without the use of a car.  “Reducing our reliance on cars, especially  single occupancy car trips, is a significant way of reducing our  greenhouse gas emissions.  With more than half of all car trips in North America being less than three kilometres, a lot of us can make the  effort to use active transportation options like cycling or walking or,  where available, use public transportation,” said Green Leader Elizabeth May.  “As a Member of Parliament, I’m committed to working toward  policies that help our society make the shift away from cars toward  better options like public transit and high speed rail.”

International Car Free Day started in the 1990s in Europe and is now celebrated  across the globe, raising awareness of the benefits of alternative  transportation.  A 3% reduction in car trips lowers carbon monoxide emissions by 20% and traffic jams by 30%, improving air quality and also commuters’ stress levels.   “A well-run public transportation system can make  getting places easier and more efficient, saving time and money,” said  May.  “Many families spend almost 15% of their budget on transportation; this could be significantly reduced with proper train and bus systems  in place.”