Green Party committed to supporting the Inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls

(OTTAWA) December 8, 2015 – The Green Party applauded the government’s plan for extensive consultation with the families and communities of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls.

“Federal action on missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls (MMIW) must be guided by Indigenous communities,” Elizabeth May said. “The government has committed to a new nation-to-nation relationship with Indigenous Peoples. This emphasis on full consultation is an important step forward. I was pleased to see the Ministers commit to hearing the voices of those who have been silenced for too long, including transgender and Two-Spirit people, and to search for root causes of this racism and sexism. We must listen, understand, and act to overcome the historical and ongoing injustices of brutal colonialism and cultural genocide.”

“This inquiry must be done right. The lives of Indigenous women and girls, and the safety of Indigenous communities are at stake. So many women and families have faced systemic violence,” said Fran Hunt – Jinnouchi, the Green Party’s Status of Women Critic. “Healing can only happen if Indigenous voices are placed at the centre of this inquiry.”

“The voices of the families of the missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls have been snuffed out for too long – light has been cast on this dark shadow today. I am encouraged and welcome the opportunity to work collaboratively to seek understanding and healing, to bring peace of mind to the families of the MMIW.”

“I look forward to working to support this engagement with Indigenous communities across Canada to finally bring an end to violence against Indigenous women,” Elizabeth May said.