Green Party of Canada pushes for climate action ahead of First Minister’s Meeting

(OTTAWA) February 24, 2016 – The Green Party of Canada supports a coalition of environmental groups across North America calling on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to implement an evidence-based climate test for all energy projects and policies under federal review.

“A climate test means the National Energy Board and policymakers can judge new pipelines for what they are: unsustainable and in direct opposition to our COP21 commitments,” said Green Party of Canada Leader Elizabeth May. “After a decade of inaction by the previous government, Canada now has an opportunity to capitalize on the $12 trillion in investments necessary to meet global climate targets. I’ve met with Finance Minister Bill Morneau and urged him to end the subsidization of fossil fuels and embrace our real economic future: green collar jobs in the cleantech sector.”

The First Minister’s Meeting in Vancouver on March 3 should lay the groundwork for a national carbon tax. The Green Party favours a minimum carbon price of at least $30/tonne using a Carbon Fee & Dividend revenue-neutral model.

“The federal government cannot continue to abdicate its responsibility to the provinces for carbon pricing,” said Bruce Hyer, Green Party Deputy Leader. “Carbon Fee & Dividend is the only carbon pricing model that reduces both CO2 and poverty by putting money back into the hands of taxpayers. It’s time for the federal government to take the lead on carbon pricing.”