Greens applaud Harb seal bill

The Green Party applauds Senator Mac Harb for introducing a bill to end Canada’s commercial seal hunt for good, which was seconded today by Senator Larry Campbell.

The Greens have long called on the federal government to put an end to the industrial-scale kill by buying out sealing licenses and helping affected workers transition into sustainable seal eco-tourism initiatives.

“The sealing industry had been dying for years,” said Green Party leader Elizabeth May. “It’s time to stop providing life support to this disappearing industry by ending the massive government subsidies. Taxpayers’ money is better spent creating sustainable economic opportunities in coastal communities.”

Markets for seal products have disappeared because countries around the world–including the US, EU and recently Russia–have banned seal product imports.The Greens are the only party in Parliament that would end the seal hunt to protect Canada’s reputation, the environment, the economic well-being of the sealers, and the seals themselves.

“Federal and provincial governments have injected millions of dollars to attempt to revive the sealing industry, with zero success but a great deal of bad publicity for Canada,” said Georges Laraque, Green Party Deputy Leader and animal welfare advocate. “It is now clearer than ever before that these subsidies are embarrassing and wasteful political spending. We should transition workers out of an industry that is rapidly imploding. Developing marine energy and tourism would let communities benefit from the natural beauty and riches of their coastal lands.”