Greens condemn ideologically-driven layoffs

The Harper government has begun  its slashing of the public sector by eliminating more than twenty percent of the  National Research Council’s budget.  This is in addition to the 50 jobs cut at  Environment Canada, including scientists and scientific support staff.  “The  targeting of science and research will not help Canada’s economy in the long  term. Specifically, a picture is now emerging of deep cuts to climate sciences,” said Green Leader Elizabeth May, MP for Saanich-Gulf Islands.  “Science and  research are at the very foundation of a future-oriented economy that needs to  be resilient and stable in the face of global changes.”

The National Research Council is under the purview of the  Industry Minister and employs more than four thousand people across Canada in  more than 20 institutes with a broad array of programs focused on leading-edge  research and innovation.

“The government must be upfront and transparent about all of  its planned layoffs.  The Canadian economy will not be served well by losing all  of our highly trained public servants working on key scientific questions,” said  May. “Without our scientists, Canada will very quickly fall behind in the global  knowledge-based economy.  We need to better prioritize our spending with long  term planning in mind.”