Harper, May I?

Publication Source: The Verb

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Elizabeth May has been a topic of hot debate in the lead up to the Canadian general election this October with her potential inclusion in the leaders debate.

There’s no forgetting Canada’s unfortunate climate reputation: as a country consistently ranked in the bottom five in the Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI). Produced by Germanwatch, the CCPI evaluates the climate policies of the 58 countries responsible for over 90 per cent of global energy-related carbon emissions. Then there’s the Stephen Harper government’s never-ending support of the oil and tar sands industry. And we’ve all watched on as Harper continues to support the construction of the Keystone pipeline, which Obama has vetoed. The list of disastrous environmental policies goes on, which begs the question: is this election an opportunity for Canada to change it’s environmental trajectory?

At the most recent UN climate talks, May was the only leader of a Canadian political party to actually attend. In the lead up to the Paris negotiations, she is focused on changing Canada’s current environmental policy, which has severely deteriorated under the Harper government. May say down with The Verb last December to discuss her hopes in 2015, and the role of the Canadian Green Party in the lead up to the election and negotiations in Paris.

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