International Day for World’s Indigenous Peoples

The Green Party of Canada is joining with many across the globe to mark the International Day of the World’s Indigenous People on August 9.  This year’s theme is “Indigenous designs: celebrating stories and cultures, crafting our own future.”

“On this day, we recognize the need to celebrate indigenous cultures and all the wonderful contributions indigenous communities have given to the planet,” said Green Leader Elizabeth May.  “We must ensure as a society that we do all we can to preserve indigenous culture, including art forms and language, as a source of inspiration, beauty and diversity.”

International Day of the World’s Indigenous People was first proclaimed by the United Nations in 1994.
“This is also a day to renew our determination to find solutions to the problems facing indigenous people, especially in Canada where such basic needs as clean drinking water are not being met, to our continued national shame,” said May.

“We must also recognize that Indigenous cultures are land-based cultures and their preservation relies on the resolution of land conflicts in Canada. Celebrating this international day means we must also resolve to negotiate successful and fair agreements to create a basis for a healthy future for the next generations,” said Lorraine Rekmans, Green Party Aboriginal Affairs Critic.