Kinder Morgan and the déja vu politics of the Liberal Party

May 16, 2018
(OTTAWA) – Elizabeth May (MP, Saanich-Gulf Islands) cringes at déja vu politics. “The Liberals promised change but we keep getting more of the same: Harper-style politics,” said Ms. May. “Now it’s a blank cheque to a Houston based pipeline company. A spectacular violation of a key plank of the Liberals’ 2015 campaign platform. Whatever happened to ending subsidies to fossil fuels?”

“Subsidizing big oil at this point in the process is not surprising, but blaming Premier Horgan is plain shameful. British Columbians have done nothing to obstruct the project. Kinder Morgan still does not have permission from the National Energy Board to proceed. It has not yet fulfilled the 157 conditions. In fact, after issuing its April 8th threat to cancel the project by May 31st, it asked the National Energy Board for more time – into the fall- to meet one of the many unmet conditions. Kinder Morgan is taking the Liberal party for a ride and Canadians along with it.”

“Nearly every day, more scientific evidence is released pointing to an accelerating climate crisis. Subsidizing a fossil fuel pipeline – spurring more investments in GHG emitting oil sands- is unconscionable,” concludes Ms. May.