Lac-Mégantic: A Terrible Tragedy

The Green Party of Canada is deeply saddened by the terrible tragedy in Lac Mégantic. “We send our deepest sympathy to the family and friends of those who have been lost and those still missing. It is terrible blow from which the community will require many years to recover,” said Green Leader Elizabeth May.


“We will wait to hear the results of the investigation. We know there are good regulations for crew changes and so we must find out what went wrong. It is important not to point fingers without knowing the facts,” said Green Deputy Leader Georges Laraque.

The Green Party has been calling for a Royal Commission into Railway Safety since 2011. “It is important to continually review procedures and regulations to ensure everything is being done to reduce rail related accidents. Given the string of incidents in recent years, such as the derailment near Medicine Hat, the accident in Burlington, and the railway bridge incident with railcars carrying diluent due to Calgary floods, it is time for a close look into rail transportation policy, both passenger and freight,” said May.