Elizabeth May: Mr. Speaker, my question for the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of International Cooperation relates to what I see as a level of inconsistency in her government’s policies.

I, too am very troubled by the use of rape and sexual violence as a weapon of war.

The Conservative government is the same government that turned a deaf ear three times to requests from the United Nations for two peacekeepers from Canada to go to the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

I would ask for my colleague’s response.

Lois Brown: Mr. Speaker, I welcome the member to the House.

The debate today is about Libya. We are focusing on what we are doing in Libya.

Today the Minister of International Cooperation announced that we are putting forward another $2 million. A tremendous amount of that is going to go into working with women who have been victims of sexual violence. That money is certainly going to help the women and the girls who are in Libya.