May: “Keep Canada Posts Jobs in Victoria”

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May wrote yesterday to Deepak Chopra, President and CEO of Canada Post Corporation, to advocate for maintaining Canada Post jobs in Victoria.

From the letter to Mr. Chopra:

I have been contacted by several of my constituents who are opposed to Canada Post’s decision to sort Greater Victoria’s letter mail in Vancouver rather than in Victoria.”

“This decision will eliminate ten jobs in Victoria and will likely increase inefficiencies in Canada Post’s operations. Letter mail will now have to undertake the journey to Vancouver which generally takes four hours in each direction, including trucking and ferry trips. Mail will now be at the mercy of unreliable winter ferry service which is regularly interrupted by frequent winter storms, not to mention an unnecessary increase in emissions.”

Elizabeth May urges Canada Post to reconsider its decision and continue to sort Vancouver Island and Gulf Islands’ mail in Victoria where it can be delivered more efficiently.