National Post Letter to the Editor: My bill

I am disappointed that the National Post chose to cover my bill, C-442, which would create a federal framework for Lyme Disease, without seeking any comment or context from anyone other than the bill’s detractors.

C-442, which was first tabled in June 2012,  passed the House of Commons by unanimous motion in June 2014.  It has received the support of the Canadian Medical Association, the College of Family Physicians of Canada, the Canadian Nurses Association, the Canadian Lyme Disease Foundations, as well as the Public Health Agency of Canada and the Minister of Health.

It is now before the Senate, where it is sponsored by Conservative Senator Janis Johnson.  I certainly hope the negative distortions in your pages will not hurt the bill’s chances.  Lyme disease patients across Canada are holding their breath in anticipation of its passage.

Elizabeth May, Member of Parliament for Saanich-Gulf Islands, Ottawa