National Security’ Is Whatever Dear Leader Says

Publication Source: The Ottawa Citizen
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Author: Terry Glavin

Well, there we have it, on the record, and in writing, and in Hansard, and in the very regulations of the Investment Canada Act. And it took only a couple of awkward questions from Elizabeth May, the sole Green Party MP in the House of Commons, to draw it out. Which is what she did last night in the House.

Special thanks are also owed to Conservative MP Mike Lake, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Industry (Edmonton – Mill Woods – Beaumont) for making it clear yesterday, during Adjournment Proceedings, that the September 2009 amendments and regulations to the Investment Canada Act have established the following:

Canada is now a country where Dear Leader gets to decide what “national security” is. Dear Leader gets to decide what the words “national security” mean. He even gets to decide what a “threat” to national security is, and even what the word “threat” means. And Dear Leader is not to be troubled by any legal “definitions” or criteria in making his decisions, which he is empowered to make by the seat of his pants, and for whatever purpose he likes, without even having to explain himself.

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