No Conservative MPs Take Omnibus Quiz

On the morning after Bill C-38 passed Third Reading in the House of Commons, not  one Conservative MP showed up for the Green Party’s Omnibus Quiz – or 425-Page Challenge

“I am disappointed and very concerned,” said May “I was hoping that at least one Conservative would take on my challenge and demonstrate his or her knowledge of the unprecedented “ominous” bill.  Either none of them felt capable of passing or Mr. Harper issued a stern order not to attend.”

The Quiz, offered for two hours under supervision by May’s office, was held in Room 263-S, Centre Block, which was turned into a temporary examination room.  Any MP receiving a passing grade – three out of five – could have had a tree planted in the location of his or her choice.  

Although the quiz was aimed at Conservatives, Independent Bruce Hyer, MP Thunder Bay-Superior North, took the test for his own satisfaction and scored a perfect five out of five.  

“This is a precarious time for Canadian democracy,” observed May.  “An enormous bill which will affect millions of Canadians of all ages and regions was passed last night by Conservatives who have no idea what harm they are inflicting – with the exception of Mr. Harper and a few others.”

Because the challenge involved an open-book quiz, copies of Bill C-38 were supplied to those willing to answer the multiple-choice questions (see below).  Conservative MPs were not expected to have memorized the massive bill with all its hidden changes.

“As the first year of the Harper Conservative majority government wraps up, I know Canadians will remember this.  When given the opportunity, not one Conservative MP was willing to demonstrate his or her knowledge of Bill C-38 – after they rowdily voted for it 160 times during last week’s marathon.

“This speaks volumes about the kind of government Mr. Harper has run since May 2, 2011, and is planning on running in the future.  Based on the supportive messages in emails, phone calls, and even flowers that I’ve received over the past couple of weeks, I am sure more and more Canadians will be demonstrating their concern regarding this ruthless and undemocratic style of governing.”