On World Ocean’s Day, our oceans are in distress

Speaker: Ms. May
Time: 08/06/2022 15:20:18
Context: Question

Ms. Elizabeth May (Saanich—Gulf Islands, GP): Mr. Speaker, today is World Oceans Day and our oceans are in distress. They are getting hotter. Acid levels are rising. Oxygen levels are dropping. The heat absorbed by our oceans due to global warming is equivalent to seven Hiroshima bombs every second, every hour, every day.

Approving TMX pipeline and Baie du Nord just makes matters worse. As it is, net zero by 2050 is not a goal; it is an epitaph. When will the government take the climate crisis seriously as the emergency it is?

Mr. Terry Duguid (Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Lib.): Mr. Speaker, I want to remind the member that we do take climate change very seriously. That is why, in our emissions reduction plan, it is an ambitious sector-by-sector path for Canada to reach our 2030 emissions reduction targets and on to net zero by 2050. It has broad support from environmental groups, industry and farmers. It is going to deliver clean air, a healthy environment and a strong economy. That is what Canadians want and that is what we will deliver.