Opposition plotting to disrupt passage of Conservative omnibus bill

Publication Source: Globe and Mail
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Author: Gloria Galloway

An omnibus budget bill that will affect many aspects of Canadian life faces a rocky ride over the next four weeks as opposition members try to thwart Conservative plans to have it passed into law before Parliament rises for the summer.

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May and the Liberals have jointly concocted a plan to delay the passage of the 425-page Bill C-38 and are threatening to put it into action if the government does not agree to make substantial changes.

The strategy would pit Ms. May’s stamina against the desire of MPs of all stripes to return to their home ridings for the extended break.

Once the votes start, she will not be able to leave the House. But “I don’t care how I do it,” Ms. May said. “They can take me out of the House on a stretcher.”

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