Politics and religion can work together

Publication Source: Victoria Times Colonist
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Author: John Smith

Re: “Religion and politics make frightful bedfellows,” Sept. 12.

Jack Knox’s column illustrated the opposite of what the headline said, at least as far as Canada is concerned.

Knox cites Trudeau’s Catholic-based belief in the sanctity of the individual leading to the Charter of Rights, and Baptist Tommy Douglas, who championed Medicare and whose Christian principles are embedded in the social philosophy of the New Democrats. There are many other examples.

And today we have Elizabeth May, who is again illustrating for us that politicians whose lives are faith-based can have an effective part to play in moulding our country’s character.

Far from the suggestion that religion and politics are chalk and cheese, we have throughout Canada’s history been blessed to have many political leaders whose strong faith convictions have underpinned their political lives to our benefit.

John Smith

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