Protecting Canadians from Online Crime Act

Elizabeth May: Mr. Speaker, I do not think there is any question that every member in the House wants to see action taken to ensure that with the use of the Internet for bullying, for intimidation, and for spreading pornographic images, we have all the tools law enforcement needs. However, the balance must be maintained to ensure that we do not open up warrantless access to the records of thousands of Canadians who are committing no crimes.

I recognize the hon. member’s time with the RCMP, and I appreciate the work he did. It could be cumbersome to obtain a warrant, but in most cases, surely the RCMP are able to obtain warrants as they go through the business of proceeding in criminal trials and investigations. That has been the rule of law in our country, and we need to extend it to the Internet, not raise the flood gates on warrantless access.